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Winter Fruit Tree Pruning

What is the best way to prune this fruit tree in winter? Come find out at our Winter pruning class!

Audience: Adults, Teens

Time: 2 hours

Level: Beginner & beyond

Although its cold and snowy outside, winter is a great time of year for pruning fruiting trees and shrubs.

Join us as John Wright from Red Beet Row helps us tackle the basics of winter pruning and maintenance of common fruits and nuts in Bending Oak’s beautiful food forest. This will include a wholistic view of the tree and will enable us to map out a plan for deciding on branch removal and desired tree shape that would make for the best outcome. Together we will practice basic techniques on the proper way to make cuts and  manage trees and shrubs of different heights and growth patterns. We’ll go over the proper tools needed and their maintenance as well as sanitary practices in the orchard.

We’ve found Oregon State University Extension Service has a great guide to Tree Pruning Basics. Join us to get hands on experience in pruning fruit trees!

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John Wright is a naturalist, teacher, herbalist, nurseryman and self-taught permaculture geek. He was formally trained as a horticulturist at Ohio State. He has run community gardens for non-profits and faith-based institutions. He has managed large vegetable and herb growing farms. He knows from experience how to grow food anywhere: a tiny inner-city plot, a windowsill, hidden public spaces, and on acres of rural land. He spends his days as a teacher, seed saver, plant-identifier, creative-thinker, and dreamer. He was born and raised and still lives on his education farm in Jefferson, Ohio, Red Beet Row https://redbeetrow.com/about-us/.

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