Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Self-Guided Exploration Tour

The self-guided Exploration Tour is our most basic educational offering and serves as admission to the farm.  At your own pace, we invite you to explore the farm via our posted signs and map available in the Visitor’s Center.  Through this tour, you will learn about the thought process behind the design of this farm and how it has supported the end result. Check out the “What’s to See?” page to get an idea of the features we have showcased on this tour. 

The exploration tour is included in the purchase of all workshops.

Guided Tours

All guided tours can be added on to the exploration tour. Topics will include a more extensive farm tour, plant identification tour, medicinal herb tour, and an infrastructure systems tour of the shipping container barn, as well as others. 
All guided tours are 90 minutes. 

If you are interested in adding accommodations to your event registration you may do so once you have your event in your cart.  More info on accommodations here.

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