Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Self-guided Exploration Tour

(General Farm Admission) 

The self-guided Exploration Tour is our most basic educational offering and serves as admission to the farm.  At your own pace, we invite you to explore the farm via our Design Element Permaculture Posters and map available in the Visitor’s Center.  Through this tour, you will learn about the thought process behind the design of this farm using the permaculture principles and how you can implement these principles in your own life. 

Check out the “What’s to See?” page to get an idea of the features we have showcased on this tour.

Please contact us at (330) 942-0950, visits are by appointment only during the off season.


Self Guided Exploration Tour


Explore Bending Oak at your own pace. The Self Guided Exploration Tour serves as general admission to the farm.

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Bending Oak is proud to be a family owned and family-first workplace; In an effort to honor our staff and their families we will be closed on holidays.

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