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How You Can Set Up Cost Effective Solar Power At Home

solar energy photovoltaic workshop

Audience: Adults, Teens

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Beginner & beyond

From lighting a path, to powering your entire house, there are all levels of ways you can bring solar generated electricity into your life. Doing so will not only save you money in the long run, it can provide you with measures of energy independence while also helping the environment and the planet!

This workshop will give you ideas and knowledge that you can take home and apply to energy-demanding tasks around your home or farm. Need to light a shed? Power a remote water pump? Open a door on a hot greenhouse? automatically turn on a fan to cool the garage? Or how about installing (or having a professional install !) an array large enough to power your entire home or farm? All these will be discussed conceptually and practically.

And you will have a chance to go hands-on, wiring up solar panels yourself so that you can learn enough electricity fundamentals to possibly tackle a do-it-yourself solar project, or at the least converse intelligently with a solar installer.

tom from solar tour to lead photovoltaic workshop

Harness the Power of the Sun with Photovoltaics - How You Can Set Up Cost Effective Solar At Home

June 15th at 11am

$25 per person
$45 for two people 

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About the Presenters:

valerie and tom photovoltaic workshop solar tour green energy speakers

     Valerie has been in the solar industry for over 15 years.  She began as a volunteer for a renewable energy advocacy group, then became an organizer and lecturer, and eventually moved into residential and commercial solar energy system sales.  The work directly compliments her passion for sustainability and technology.

     Valerie grew up in Northeast Ohio, born into a family that lived sustainably, partly through growing their own food and partly through not wasting resources.  These childhood lessons taught her respect for what nature had to offer.  It also imprinted on her how energy conservation ( “Turn off the light ! ” ) and lifestyle frugality could not only save money, but also provide personal satisfaction.

     After raising her two children, Valerie became involved in many non-profit groups, including one that promoted the financial and environmental benefits of solar.  Giving talks, organizing tours, and educating anyone willing to hear why a solar installation is for the-now-and-the-future, eventually brought her to the attention of one of Ohio’s leading system installers.  She was offered a sales position and found that she was actually able to make money in the solar world, helping others, helping the planet, and doing what she loved.  The growing solar industry is her “happy place” ! 

      Valerie remains a volunteer for Green Energy Ohio (GEO) and the  American Solar Energy Society (ASES).   She lives in Mentor with her soulmate Tom and the two of them still organize solar tours and give renewable energy workshops.  Together they work a small organic farm that uses solar powered tools and vehicles, and hosts a non-profit organic food co-operative.

      Tom operates a small organic farm in Mentor with his partner Valerie.  An engineer by education, he has always been interested in energy issues and environmental protection.  Consequently, he has incorporated many renewable energy and energy saving applications on the farm.  

     The crops are watered from wells using solar powered pumps, and the critters are kept away using a solar powered electric fence.   The homestead is powered by a ground mounted 6000 watt array that provides most of its electricity. Some of the power from that array charges the farm’s 1972 Honda car that was converted to run exclusively on electricity over 30 years ago.  The car has often carried produce to farm markets, representing sustainability in both food and transportation ! 

    Tom is a volunteer for Green Energy Ohio and the American Solar Energy Society, non-profit activist groups that advocate the use of  renewable energy.  He and Valerie are the NE Ohio coordinators for their annual solar tours and occasional Electric Vehicle Rallys.   He also serves as a volunteer on the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association board and was previously very active in local farmland preservation efforts.

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