Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Mushroom & Edibles Hike

Join wild food enthusiast Don King (the mushroom hunter) for a presentation focusing on wild mushrooms and other edibles that can be found here in Ohio.

Mushrooms have been an important addition to almost every culture’s diet and medicinal practices since humans appeared on this planet. However, since some species are toxic, it is important to learn the unique identifying characteristics of consumable species and their lookalikes from someone with lots of experience.

Mushroom & Wild Edibles Hike


Upcoming dates: July 24th at 10am

This workshop is 3 hours.

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The price of adult workshops includes admission to the farm & an exploratory tour.

If you are interested in adding accommodations to your event registration you may do so once you have your event in your cart.  More info on accommodations here.

Don is a self-taught expert that compellingly shares his love for foraging, preparing, and eating the abundant edible plants and mushrooms that can be found in nature.

The program begins with an explanation on the basics of safe wild food foraging techniques from Don, followed by a guided hike.

During the hike we’ll be keeping a lookout for wine caps, oysters, black trumpets, chicken of the woods, and other tasty wild mushrooms. We’ll also be looking for wild berries and other plants. Don will explain their key identifying features. 

Learn about some of the many edible wild mushrooms and plants that grow in Ohio, and how fungi fit into the larger ecosystems of both the farm and the forest. 

This is an outdoor event and social distancing is required. Masks must be worn when social distancing isn’t possible. For more information please visit The Mushroom Hunter’s website.

100 Cottage Grove Dr.

Youngstown, OH 44505

(330) 942-0950


Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

To be in compliance with Ohio’s Covid Guidelines, Bending Oak Farm is asking all visitors to the farm to take the following actions:

1) Wear a mask at all times while in all indoor areas on the farm or on any farm tours.

2) Practice social distancing by keeping a minimum of 6 ft between you and anyone not in your group.

3) If you need a mask break, please make sure you are outside and at least 10ft away from all other persons not in your group.

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