Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Intro to Permaculture

Whether you are new to permaculture or you are familiar with it and want to get more practical experience, this workshop is for you! Permaculture is a design system that combines indigenous wisdom, observations from nature, and modern technological advancements to create systems that enhance human wellbeing while continuously improving the environment.

Permaculture designs are not only sustainable, they are resilient and exist in a reciprocal relationship with the land. This workshop will teach you how to apply permaculture principles to your home or land to grow food while improving the soil so that future growing seasons are plentiful. We will also cover topics beyond the garden including rainwater catchment, renewable energy, and much more. These systems can help you save money, increase your self-reliance, and heal the planet.

This workshop will give you a better understanding of what permaculture is, what it does, and how you can implement various permaculture design systems at your home or business to become more eco-friendly, self-sufficient, and even lower utility bills.

Intro to Permaculture Workshop


Upcoming dates:

  • July 18th 1:00pm
  • August 1st 1:00pm
  • August 22nd 1:00pm

This is a 3 hour workshop.

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There is an incredible but overwhelming amount of information on permaculture available online. Part of the beauty of permaculture is the fact that there are countless interpretations of what it means and how to use it.

This workshop helps to break it down to the fundamentals, gives a brief, concise overview of permaculture, and helps illuminate the common patterns that permeate systems designed to be as regenerative and self-sustaining as possible. 

We will discuss the design principles and ethics of permaculture, and see firsthand how they can work together to create an abundant, diverse, and efficient system like the one at bending oak.

Whether you have acres of land to work with or a porch with a potted tomato plant, we invite you to come and learn how thinking “permaculturally” can improve your practices.

This is an outdoor event and social distancing is required. Masks must be worn when social distancing isn’t possible.

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