Grand Opening

Join us for an Earth Day weekend of celebration!

After years of hard work and dedication, we are thrilled to announce that Bending Oak is opening to visitors! Over Earth Day weekend we will be hosting multiple workshops, leading free guided tours, and welcoming you to come and explore the farm.

Scheduled Happenings:

Friday 4/23

Saturday 4/24

Sunday 4/25

Come explore the farm with an educational self-guided tour. 

We are so excited to share the design of Bending Oak with our visitors. Exploratory tours are bookable at any point during opening hours, so feel free to take your time to enjoy the farm. You will be provided with a map to follow along the tour trail. Read the informative signs placed at each feature that explain more about the design and how it works. Take as long as you’d like!

Stay with us!

If you decide to register for a workshop or tour, you can spend the night (or the whole weekend!) in one of our newly built cabins or private campsites.