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Basics of Foraging

foraging wild mock strawberry

Learn how to forage for wild edibles and medicinal plants.

Audience: Adults, Teens

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Beginner & beyond

A basic class for anyone who loves the outdoors and would like to know more about plants and their uses. Topics covered will be: plant identification, the uses of those plants, plants to avoid, wild plants and trees that are edible, preparation of wild edibles and medicinal plants, collection of plant material, and how to properly store your collected plants or wild edibles. The second half of the class will include a plant walk through the farm so class participants can learn to recognize the plants in their natural settings. 

It is recommended to bring a notepad and writing utensil if you wish to take notes as we will cover and be sharing a vast amount of information in the short time we have available for this workshop.  

foraging wild mock strawberry

Basics of Foraging

June 22nd at 10am

$25 per person
$45 for two people 

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Peter M. Hoffman

From an early age Peter learned self-reliant skills from his parents and grandparents, which instilled in him a passion for living off the land. His thirst for knowledge lead him to the Pathfinder School where he continued to develop his primitive and self-reliance skills, ultimately becoming an instructor himself. 

Being a lifelong learner, Peter has continued to gain knowledge in herbalism, has created his own permaculture design which includes a blacksmith forge, built his own off grid cabin from recycled materials, an orchard with an integrated pond and watering system, extracted maple sap from multiple forests for maple syrup production, and learned to harvest and make full use of wild game. He has worked with National Geographic and The History Channel, has been published in The Backwoodsman Magazine and has developed his own YouTube channel, Intricate Nature. 

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