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In accordance with Ohio Agrotourism Laws, all accommodations on the farm are only available in conjunction with a tour, workshop, or other scheduled event. If you are interested in adding accommodations to your event registration you may do so once you have your event in your cart.

To maintain the environment of Bending Oak and for the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, pets are not permitted at the farm.

Per Covid-19 guidelines, all cabins will be cleaned and disinfected upon check-in of each guest. When each guest checks out, each cabin will be cleaned and disinfected again.

When using the shower house, please leave your mask on while inside the building unless you are showering. The shower house will be cleaned and disinfected each day once in the morning and once in the late afternoon.

 *PLEASE NOTE:  All camping cabins are supplied with mattresses. Please bring your own sleeping bags and pillows.

Large Cabins

These 12×16 camping cabins can hold up to 4 people. The large Red cabin has 1 single mattress on the main floor plus a full mattress and a single mattress in the loft, accessible by a sturdy ladder. The large Blue cabin has 1 full mattress on the main floor, and 2 single mattresses in the loft. accessible by a ladder. Guests staying in the large cabins can enjoy:

    • In-room bathroom with shower
    • WiFi (at the barn)
    • a fire ring at the rear of the cabin.
    • Firewood is available for purchase.

$95 Per Night

Small Cabins

These 8×10 camping cabins have a maximum capacity of 2 adults and 1 child age 5+ or 1 small adult. Guests staying in a small cabin can enjoy:

  • Access to Bath House/showers and toilets
  • Wifi at barn
  • Fire ring in the rear of the cabin.
  • Firewood is available for purchase.

$55 Per Night


Pitch your tent on one of our private, wooded campsites. Each site has a maximum capacity of 4. Guests staying at our tent sites can enjoy:

  • Access to Bath House/showers and toilets
  • Wifi at barn
  • Fire ring at each campsite
  • Firewood is available for purchase.

$25 Per Night

Freshen up in the bath house!

Green & clean.

Our bath house uses sustainable, functional systems to keep us and the environment happy.

We have fine-tuned a design for a composting toilet that is extremely clean and easy to use.

Our sinks and shower are powered by clean and filtered rainwater. The waste reduction does not have to mean comfort reduction!

How does it work?

‘Stand up’ liquid waste is caught and diverted to a specialized bed outside where wood chips, plants, and fungi filter and absorb the liquid, turning human-provided nitrogen and phosphorus into green leaves and black soil.

‘Sit down’ wastes fall into the receptacle below the floor and instead of flushing it away with water, the dry carbon material is added with each use, absorbing odor and adding bulk for beneficial microbes to do their work in. 

The receptacle, which is only accessible from the outside, is regularly turned so the wood chips can absorb our waste. When full, it is switched out with a clean empty replacement. The full container has worms added to it before it is stored away from the public to “digest” for up to two years as it transforms into a clean, sweet-smelling compost. We know. Hard to believe. But it’s true. This nutrient-dense compost is then spread on the forest floor to support the growth of our trees, never near the gardens. Come and see/learn!

Want to learn and see more? Check out our upcoming workshops, courses, and events! 

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