Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Visit: 100 Cottage Grove Dr., Youngstown, OH 44505

Bending Oak Permaculture Farm is an educational farm committed to our mission of showing people what is possible when looking to create a more sustainable world. 

Through classes, workshops, school tours, community programs and hands-on experiences, we look to demonstrate attainable practices to better the lives of all people as we move towards a sustainable culture. We invite you to come and experience how you can create a more sustainable life for you, your family, friends and your community.

What's To See?

Get a preview of the features of this farm that make it so unique. See what the Design Element Permaculture Posters from our self-guided tour can teach you.

What's To Do?

We are constantly planning events at the farm such as family game nights, movie nights, and even seasonal activities such as a haunted Halloween trail!

What's To Learn?

We offer courses and workshops each month that help bring you closer to being a sustainable superhero! Sign up for one of our many offerings such as our 8-Day PDC course or our Cob Oven workshop.


100 Cottage Grove Dr.

Youngstown, OH 44505

(330) 942-0950


Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

To be in compliance with Ohio’s Covid Guidelines, Bending Oak Farm is asking all visitors to the farm to take the following actions:

1) Wear a mask at all times while in all indoor areas on the farm or on any farm tours.

2) Practice social distancing by keeping a minimum of 6 ft between you and anyone not in your group.

3) If you need a mask break, please make sure you are outside and at least 10ft away from all other persons not in your group.

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